Crab Apple Jelly


This jelly is suitable for all meats and can be added to sauces or used as a glaze for fruit tarts. Made with Tasmanian crab apples. Wonderful with roast pork or with pork chops.

  • Gold medal - Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.

Weight: 240g
Shelf life: 1-2 years
Crab apple 39%, water, sugar.

Nutritional Information

Per serve (20g)

Per 100g


127 kJ

636 kJ




Fat, total



- saturated




7.3g 36.5g

 - sugars

7.3g 36.5g


0mg 1mg


  • Our clear jellies are tart and sweet, and capture the distinctive tastes of natural fruits. Our fruits of choice are largely grown in Tasmania’s cool climate. To ensure clarity, amazing colour, firm even texture and rich unique flavours, the jellies are prepared in the traditional way: The whole fruit is cooked until very soft and then drained through cheesecloth. The extracted juice is then brought to the boil and sugar is added. As artificial pectin and setters are not used in our natural jellies, they should be kept away from heat and sunlight or they will melt. Use as a glaze for savoury or sweet dishes or as a colourful and flavoursome accompaniment to hot or cold meats.